Within this site, you can find a variety of tutorials for various programming languages. These tutorials will all start at a very basic level, assuming that you have little to no knowledge of programming or the language, and then progress into more difficult tutorials or tasks to complete.
The purpose of these tutorials is to help people to learn more about programming and the languages that they can use to program in order to allow people to reach a point where they can learn more and create more complicated programs on their own. They are not here to magically teach you everything there is to know about coding, you will have to put in time and effort to make new programs and practice if you want to reach and maintain a high level of eptitude.

If you have absolutely no knowledge of programming, then it is strongly recommended that you read over the basics tutorials in order to learn the pre-required knowledge of some fundamentals for these tutorials. If you already have even a small amount of knowledge, you should be able to skip this section and move right into the main tutorials for the language of your choice.
The tutorials are progressive, and further tutorials will use terminology or knowledge that you would have picked up from the tutorials beforehand. If you come across anything you did not already know due to skipping tutorials, it is also strongly advised that you go back to learn it in order to ensure you do not have any gaps in your knowledge.
Navigate through tutorials and languages using the left side-bar.

If you happen to have any suggestions for new areas to cover in these tutorials, any complaints, feedback or anything at all that you feel has been missed, please head on over the the contact section and let me know, as that will help out with the evolution of this site and the learning of others.